Meet Laurel and Carla, Hold Me Tight® Portland Lead Facilitators

Our Hold Me Tight® Portland workshops are led by:

Laurel Marshall, MA, LMFT

Laurel Marshall, MA, LMFT

A licensed marriage and family therapist with experience and training working with couples using Emotion Focused Therapy since 2010. Laurel has a private practice in Portland, Oregon where she works with couples to identify and heal relationship dynamics that cause them distress, deepen vulnerability, intimacy and foster a secure and sacred connection with each other.

Laurel is an enthusiastic and passionate facilitator of the Hold Me Tight® Workshop.  Since 2018, she has been holding workshops in both Portland and Seattle, helping couples build intimacy and strengthen their relationships.  Laurel brings to the Hold Me Tight® workshops her decades of experience working with couples as a licensed marriage and family therapist, her training in Emotional Focused Therapy and her own personal experiences with the work of building intimacy in her own long-term marriage.  When Laurel isn’t talking, reading or writing about relationships, she is out singing, dancing or scuba diving with her husband.

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Carla Canfield, MS, LCSW

Carla Canfield, MS, LCSW

Carla Canfield is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 10 years experience helping couples find their way back to closeness. She is led by her belief that healing occurs in relationship, and that we all long for loving connection. In her clinical practice, Carla supports couples and individuals to rediscover their human need for deep connection, and to dismantle blocks that get in the way. She is inspired every day by people who take emotional risks in order to create deeper, richer relationships with their loved ones.

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